Lomo's 20mm New Russar+ Lens to Launch in August


Full frame wide angle 20mm is probably one of the great lenses one can get their hands on but they will never be cheap...even though they come from Lomo. It cost US$650 a pop and it only fits the Leica mounts and the L39 screw mounts.

You can of course use this fully manual lens on digital cameras with the option of a a lens adaptor but APS C or M43 type sensors will have to take into account the crop factors of a full frame lens and hopefully realize that they are not buying into a wide angle.

For smaller sensors, you are probably getting between 35mm and 40mm in focal length, which isn't a bad thing considering the vignetting you see on full frame results.

The smaller crop factor reduces the frame and the less than desirable vignettes will be gone...so you have been warned.