Ferrania's Film is Alive Project gets Kickstarted


Film is alive and well in Italy judging from the enormous support Ferrania got from its Kickstarter project. This was a project to save a few upstream suppliers who made the materials possible for film production and this is probably the most exciting news to come out of Europe which happens to be the bastion of Lomography of Austria. 

Early backers of the program have already pitched in to the fullest so you can be assured that they will be up and running in 2015. 

What is more exciting is the production of analogue motion picture film which were the mainstay of home movies in the 50s to the 80s. 

What is important is that Super 8mm film is still being made by Kodak but not the Kodachrome stock and this means processing anything remotely Kodachrome is impossible. 

Now many of you will be asking where to get a Super 8mm or 16mm film camera, well eBay of course. 

As for processing, Dwayne's Photo (no relation to the Rock) is still processing motion picture film stock. 

Why shoot stock film when there is digital? Well film is forever and when your digital storage dies, so will your captured moments.